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more picture nalusuan island
Nalusuan Island
Introducing Cebu Snorkeling Sites With Its Features.What Can You Expect of Snorkeling In Cebu!!
A ) A Marine Sanctuary where tourists enjoy fish feeding. The Hilutungan, Nalusuan &Talima Islands, with a lots of marine species than the untouched area or reef, but with 5m to 12m depth from surface, its enjoyable only for scuba diving.
B) Snorkeling in coral reef of untouched nature, with several kinds of corals and small tropical fishes where depth is touchable by hand, with wide area to explore, located between a Sandbar of Bohol Islands, with white sand isolated beach, where you can enjoy swimming. Package S-3 and S-4 (Coral Reef)
more picture pandanon island
Pandanon Island
more picture Caohagan Island
Caohagan Island
Snorkeling at Cabulan Island
hilutungan island
caohagan island
Hilutungan Island
Caohagan Island
nalusuan island
pandanon island
Nalusuan Island
Pandanon Island
HILUTUNGAN ISLAND is a famous dive spot in Cebu
known for its fish and marine sanctuary.Extremely popular to snorkelers and experienced divers alike, activities such as fish feeding and experiencing
the pristine corals and colorful tropical fish up close make the island the perfect marine destination.
More Picture

Fish Feeding
Enjoy fish feeding with
bread while Diving or  Snorkeling, up close with corals and tropical fishes.

Sand Bar
favorite tourist destination because of its white sand and can only be seen on a low tide

snorkeling at hilutungan
hilutunga Is. snorkeling
Snorkeling Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary
promo girl
We had a beautifull day with cebu cruising. The staff was extremely professional and friendly and took really good care of us! Michelle and Annemiek from Holland
Nalusuan Island
Nalusuan Is.
Pandanon Island
Pandanon Is.
Olango reef
Hilutungan Island
Hilutungan Is.
Caohagan Island
Caohagan Is.
whale shark
New package available with snorkeling, diving, or view from boat only.  For more information, click on the picture above.
Whale Sharks Watching in Cebu (Season: throughout the year )
The south east of Cebu is now famous as the site of whale shark watching, in Tanawan, Oslob.  It’s 140 km. away from Maribago, Mactan,  with 3-4 hours travel by car.  Whale Sharks visibility in Oslob was noted late last year with a school of 22, but as of the month of April only 4~8 are visible in the area including the one which has a Tag in its tail as Baha, California, USA registered.
Whale sharks are visible during good weather and clear water before the water temperature goes up, but when the water is rough and muddy, the sharks are not coming for feeding.
Swimming with the whale sharks is so amazing and there are rules implemented by the government as follows; not approach near than 5 meters, use camera without flash, feeding is not allowed, application of body lotion is prohibited, etc.
maribago webcam viewer Webcam Maribago Mactan
Maribago Pier View from Our Fixed Camera.
80% of Tourists take boat from this Pier and you
can Confirm the current Weather and Tide
through this live Camera.
Images Hilutungan Dive
Images Nalusuan Dive
Cebu Dive Shop
Fun Dive
Dive sites nearby the Cebu Resorts:  Recently the Marine Reserve of Hilutungan and Nalusuan Islands where the growth of corals and the existence of different kinds of fish are remarkable and amazing which I believe soon to be the best dive spot in the Philippines.  Our dive guide will introduce you the best spot.  For seabed viewing, please view the recent images of Nalusuan Island, Hilutungan Island, Talima  and Tambuli.
Discovery Dive
diving tranning
discovery diving
Diving lesson
Diving Wallpaper
PADI License
Diving School
For those interested in getting PADI License,. it will take at least 3 days to an enthusiast to learn the basic diving techniques after a comprehensive  lessons.
Now… Enjoy The Chance Of Exploring The Beautiful Ocean Deep Of Cebu!!!
You can enjoy life while viewing the beautiful scenery of the underwater sea, with our four ways of exploring it, the Snorkeling, the newly introduced Snorkeling Dive ( SP1x1 ), our Original Snorkel Plus and Discovery Diving, which everyone could enjoy, even the kids and the non swimmer, with the opportunity of taking pictures.
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Hereunder the estimated time consumed to our jetty from Major Resort Hotels;
" Location Map" "Calling Card"

* Shangri-la Hotel Cebu, guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic)=7 minutes only to K I Marine jetty  Day Booking
* Movenpick Hotels & Resorts-Cebu,guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic) =7 minutes only to K I Marine jetty Day Booking
* Plantation Bay Cebu,guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic) =7 minutes only to K I Marine jetty   Day Booking
* Maribago Blue Water Cebu, guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping (Picnic)=3 minutes only to K I Marine jetty Day Booking
* White Sands Cebu, guest for Diving,snorkeling and Isand Hopping(Picnic)=3 minutes only to K I Marine jetty  Day Booking
* Marriott Hotel Cebu, guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic) =45 minutes drive to our K I Marine jetty  Day Booking
* SDR Apartments Cebu, guest fpr Diving,Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic)=25 minutes drive to our K I Marine jetty  Day Booking
* Be Resort Mactan, guest for Diving,Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic)=8 minutes drive to our K I Marine jetty Day Booking
* Crimson Resort and Spa, guest for Diving, Snorkeling and Island Hopping =3 minutes only to K I Marine jetty Day Booking
* Imperial Palace,guest for Diving,Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic)=1 minutes drive to our K I Marine jetty Day Booking
* Radisson Blu, guest for Diving,Snorkeling and Island Hopping(Picnic)=45 minutes drive to our K I Marine jetty Day Booking
* Cebu Diving Philippines= cebu scuba diving dive package images site tour safari sanctuary philippines
* Bohol day tour pick up to your Hotel Shangri la, Hilton, BlueWater,Plantation,Marriott,WaterFront and others
* Tourist highlight , Marine Sanctuaries Island Hopping, Diving Nalusuan and Hilutungan Island with KI Marine